John & Krista - From start to finish, working with Michael at Phoenix Ceremonies was exactly what we needed out of a wedding officiant.  Through his questionnaires, and a series of interviews, he spent quite a bit of time getting to know my wife and I.  He was interested in all parts of our love story, from how we met, to how we fell in love, to how the proposal went.  He went to great lengths to create a personalized ceremony for us, from the procession, to the script, to working with our pianist coordinating the music.  He made sure to let us know that we were in complete control of all aspects, and once he sent us his initial draft, we got 100% editing rights over everything.  We got to write what we wanted in our own way as far as vows and prayers, but we actually really liked most of what he wrote; we had a somewhat nontraditional ceremony, and so he was able to break up important parts of our love story and weave it into the ceremony around the rituals we chose.  He also had several resources available with suggestions for various other rites and ceremonies we could have added if we had wanted.  Out of all of the wedding industry vendors and companies we dealt with, most of whom have marketing geared toward "giving you exactly what you want on your wedding day," Michael was by far the best example of actually making sure we got what we want rather than just selling us something new and trendy.

In addition, Michael worked with our DJ to emcee our reception.  We created a simple schedule, and he worked with the caterer and DJ to make sure the timing of everything happened how we wanted it, and that the reception flowed just as beautifully as the ceremony.  All night he was right where he needed to be to hand off the microphone, let us know it was time for cake cutting, etc. I was on cloud nine anyway from having just gotten married, but it was comforting to know that everything was happening smoothly and without a hitch. A+ rating.

Beth & Patrick – “Michael Moramarco was the secret ingredient to making our wedding that much more fun and special. We had no idea what we were doing – Michael took the time with us to plan out and customize our ceremony, to help us nail down what would happen when. On the day of the wedding, he was the comforting voice of serenity and practicality in the face of last-minute mishaps beyond anyone's control. During the ceremony as our officiant, he was graceful and sincere, and delighted our crowd of family and friends with his affable nature and easy humor. During our reception, Michael was positively the life of the party! He got the crowd moving with his infectious energy and sweet dance moves while manning the sound system as our DJ. I don't know exactly what you call him – wedding planner, officiant, DJ, life of the party, but I do know that Michael's exceptional talents helped make our wedding a day we'll always remember.”