Are you an ordained minister?

Yes, I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life church, and I am a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute.

Will you meet with us?

Our initial consultation, which is always free, will be in person, over the phone, or via skype. After this, it is typical to communicate by phone and e-mail as necessary. However, if you feel you need to meet in person again, I’m more than happy to make time for you.

What can we expect at our initial consultation?

I will bring samples of vows, readings, rituals, and a ceremony structure, which is a great starting point.  You can change and re-arrange all of the ceremony elements, or add your own new and unique ones!  In your folder there will also be a questionnaire to fill out that will help me to get to know you better. You can tell me about how you met and fell in love, what you love about each other, and your future plans.  With this, I will be able write your ceremony from your own words.

To secure your date we can fill out contracts – one for you, one for me - and I will accept your retainer fee.  If you want to think about it more, you can mail the contracts and initial fee to me at a later date.

How long will my wedding take?

A typical ceremony lasts around 20 minutes, but it can be as quick or as long as you’d like it to be.

Do I get to see a copy of my ceremony before the wedding?

Absolutely! We’ll be working closely together to ensure it is just the way you want it. I will send each draft to you for approval before we finalize anything.

What are your fees?

My fees range from $100 - $550 based on the complexity and timing of the ceremony. A typical personalized wedding costs $450 including a rehearsal.

How do I guarantee that you are available for our date and time?

A non-refundable retainer fee of 50% (typically $200) is required to reserve your special date and time on my calendar.

How early should we book?

Dates can fill quickly – especially Saturdays. It is not uncommon for someone to book a date 12 or more months in advance. To check your date email You can also use our contact form on this site.

When is the balance of payment due?

The balance is typically due one month before the ceremony. I will work with you to create an agreeable payment schedule for short-notice ceremonies.

How can we pay?

I accept personal checks and debit or credit cards through the payment site Venmo. There is a 3% fee added for credit transactions.

Can you marry us on really short notice?

I would be happy to perform your wedding on any available date.

How can we personalize our ceremony?

The number of ways to be creative and think outside the typical wedding box are limited only by your imagination and willingness to be different.

You can choose your own readings, vows, rituals, music, and wedding choreography. You can incorporate traditions and customs from your ethnic or religious heritages, as well as borrow from other spiritual traditions that you find meaningful. As a romantic touch, we usually tell your story as a couple: how you met, fell in love, decided to be married, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Can we write our own vows?

Certainly. I encourage couples to write their own vows, and I am more than happy to assist you with them if you need help or guidance. I will also gladly write them myself and have you approve them if that is your preference.

Will I need a rehearsal?

Rehearsals are a wonderful way to ensure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do on your big day, but this is up to you.

How long are rehearsals?

The actual rehearsal usually lasts about 30 minutes. However, please allow about 30 minutes for your wedding party to arrive and have a little time to chat before the actual rehearsal begins.

Do I invite my Celebrant to the reception?

It is not expected or necessary to invite me to your reception. It is an honor and a privilege just to be a part of your wedding ceremony!

Are you available for weddings, civil unions, or commitment ceremonies for same-sex or other LGBTQ couples?

Yes. I am thrilled and honored to work with any and all couples who what to create a beautiful ceremony to celebrate their love and commitment to one another.

What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant?

Life-Cycle Celebrants are people in your community who are trained to officiate at, compose, and perform the highest quality personalized ceremonies for couples, individuals, and organizations. The Celebrant’s mission is to create a ceremony that reflects your needs, beliefs, cultural background, values, and tastes.

Celebrancy is an established and flourishing movement that began in Australia and New Zealand in the 1970s, where over one million ceremonies have been officiated at by Celebrants. The Celebrant Foundation and Institute educates Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants© in the art of celebration, symbolism and tradition to offer personalized ceremonies to mark the milestones in people’s lives and reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the couple, individual or family. Celebrants are trained to officiate at virtually every life event, including: weddings, engagements, funerals and memorials and end-of life tributes, baby welcomings and blessings, parenting ceremonies, home and dwelling ceremonies, adoptions, dedications, anniversaries, birthdays, civic/community/non-profit ceremonies, survival-healing and transition ceremonies including divorce, recovery and job loss. The Celebrant Foundation & Institute has been featured in: NPR, CBS Nightly News, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC News and voted #3 for Top Ten Careers on CNN News & Money Magazine. For more information about the Celebrant Foundation visit:

Is a wedding performed by a Celebrant legally recognized?

Yes. Each Life Cycle Celebrant trained by the Celebrant Foundation in Weddings & Other Ceremonies for Couples has to meet the requirements of her or his state in order to received certification. I personally have also met the requirements of all 50 states through my ordination with the Universal Life Church.